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E&P And Midstream Companies Dealing With the Produce Of NGL's And Natural Gas:

  • E&P Companies Operating In Western Canada
  • Pipeline Operators
  • NGL Rail Companies
  • Fractionation Facility Operators
  • Gas Processing Companies
  • Refineries On The US Gulf Coast

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  • Operations
  • NGL Marketing
  • Natural Gas Marketing
  • Midstream Operations
  • Supply
  • Corporate Development
  • Regulatory Affairs


  • Pipeline Maintenance & Construction Services
  • Rail Maintenance & Construction Services
  • Propane Marketers
  • NGL Marketers
  • Investment Firms
  • Banks
  • Consulting/Advisory Companies
  • Fractionation Technology Suppliers
  • Rail Car Providers
  • LNG Shipping Companies

NGL Markets & LNG Export Congress Canada 2013

Western Canada has enough natural gas supplies to independently meet demand in China for the next ten years. However, the region is currently at a crossroads with regards to takeaway and fractionation capacity for transporting and marketing the phenomenal NGL and Gas reserves being produced. Solutions for overcoming fractionation capacity limitations and pipeline bottlenecks are required imminently to ensure the industry can fully capitalize on the Canadian shale revolution.

Everybody knows about the effects the incredible surge in shale gas production has had on domestic gas markets, but an increase in liquids-rich gas recovery and the opening up of international marketing opportunities, mean highly profitable marketing operations are on the cards for midstream operators and producers - conditional on the right marketing, processing and takeaway strategies being developed.

The mission of the first NGL Markets & LNG Export Congress Canada 2013 is to definitively provide short and long term solutions to producers who are actively marketing their NGLs and gas from Western Canada.

The congress is hosting executive level speakers from the major E&P and Midstream operators actively marketing gas and NGL in Western Canada to identify domestic and international NGL and LNG markets as well as transport options for reaching them, to free up Alberta's landlocked production and ensure Canadian products can attain optimal pricing.


Day 1 will focus on NGL fractionation capacity, transport costs, pricing and production volumes. Presenters will deliver the latest fractionation build-out plans, explore NGL pipeline and rail takeaway options and identify optimally priced domestic and international markets for Western Canadian NGL to ensure products always yield optimal netback.


Day 2 focuses LNG export and gas markets. Presenters will deliver the very latest LNG export pipeline and terminal developments being installed in Western Canada, assess LNG demand specifications from Asian markets and evaluate opportunities in the domestic market for gas. Day 2 will finish by providing solutions to the regulatory hurdles surrounding pipeline developments and devise marketing strategies for condensate and propane.

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Marathon Petroleum

"I liked the variety of high-level and in-depth topics"


The NGL Markets & LNG Export Congress Canada 2013 Is The First Initiative Dedicated To...

...identifying domestic and international NGL and LNG markets and transport options for reaching them to free up Alberta's landlocked production and ensure Canadian products attain optimal pricing.

E&P Companies: Executives from E&P companies will hear first hand plans and updates on the pipeline, rail, export and fractionation facilities that will enable their NGL and Gas products to be marketed at the optimal netback.

Midstream Companies: Executives from Midstream operators will hear the very latest production updates from E&P companies operating in Western Canada to find out the demand hot spots for midstream facilities and in which areas midstream facilities will yield the highest return on investment.


  • PRODUCTION FORECASTS: Quantifying the volume of NGL and Gas that will be entering the market in the next 2-3 years to forecast fractionation and pipeline demand in Western Canada
  • FRACTIONATION CAPACITY: Quantifying the capacity, timelines and locations of planned fractionation developments in Western Canada to ensure increased NGL production can be absorbed economically
  • NGL TAKEAWAY UPDATES: Delivering the very latest pipeline and rail updates that will enhance competition among midstream operators and ensure Canadian NGL can compete within the wider American market
  • NGL MARKETS: Quantifying pricing and demand in both domestic and international markets to identify areas in which optimal product netback can be achieved
  • LNG EXPORT: Examining when and where LNG export facilities will be available to enable Western Canadian operators to capitalize on international gas price disparity
  • PIPELINE APPROVALS: Overcoming regulations, environmental concerns and public resistance to expedite the approval and construction of pipeline infrastructure
  • CONDENSATE AND PROPANE MARKETS: Identifying solutions for marketing excess propane supply from Western Canada
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